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Rancho Murieta Community Church formed thirty-five years ago when a handful of followers began praying about the need for a church in Rancho Murieta. What began as a home Bible study evolved into a small community of believers, officially organized as a church, and joined a fellowship of churches known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The church has leased space since its founding, but for many years considered building a permanent church home.

In 2014 RMCC purchased land along the Cosumnes River and adjacent to the Cosumnes River Elementary School, twenty-three acres at the corner of Dillard Road and Jackson Highway in southeast Sacramento County. In July 2017 we launched a capital campaign with no debt and $1.4M remaining from a prior building fund. The Extend the Reach capital campaign was launched for the purpose of raising the necessary remaining funds by mid-2020 to finance construction of our future church.

Indefinite delays by Sacramento County in "permitting" construction—due to recent regulations voted on in the California Assembly (AB 52)—created an uncertain future for the project in 2018. Yet, in the meantime, an undeniable door of opportunity was thrown open to Rancho Murieta Community Church… the story continues.

The owners of the FAA building housing the current RMCC offered to sell us the building! We engaged Visioneering Studios to evaluate our ability to redesign the first floor of the building. The ex-Disney designers presented a proposal that modernizes the building, meets all our stated needs, provides income from second floor tenants, and potentially allows us to Extend the Reach with no debt. Can you imagine?!

We currently possess pre-campaign pledges that, combined with the building fund and continued financial support by our church body, position us to reach our new financial goal. RMCC is now in an even better position to move forward and Extend the Reach to an entire region. God delights in amazing us!

The new, larger church will provide more seats, an improved space to enhance worship, specialized areas for more programs for adults, students and children. The vision for the new church includes spaces that will allow members to connect in more relevant ways with the communities we've been called to serve.

Our goal is to begin construction in August 2019 and complete the project within 7 to 8 months (worshipping in a temporary home during construction). Together let's Extend the Reach throughout Rancho Murieta, Sloughhouse, Wilton, Anatolia, Elk Grove, and beyond to reach more people with the good news that Jesus offers.

“But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do....

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”
Isaiah 43:18-19


Visualize our unlimited opportunities to Extend the Reach, ministering to adults, youth, and children as they experience the life-changing power of Christ! We'll be able to expand our ministries to engage non-believers as well as believers, executing the vision of God and our church.

Picture an inviting and bright entry with outdoor seating and inviting music where newcomers will feel welcome and excited about what's in store, and imagine places to gather and sit with friends, a sanctuary and worship center carefully designed to enhance our experience of worshipping God, fellowship areas where your special events (weddings, receptions, memorials, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.) and those of the community can be hosted with joy and confidence.

Imagine more room to minister to the community and space for prayer and counseling where many will find healing and new life in Christ. We envision our church being a place for Christians from around our region to gather for special teaching and training events which result in multiple churches becoming healthier and stronger to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we'll elevate our credibility in the community when we have a "real" church home, further affording the opportunity to multiply our influence and ultimately building a legacy of followers. We'll be able to expand our ministries to engage non-believers as well as believers, executing the vision of God and our church.

This is an exceptional opportunity for all of us to engage in building a legacy for Christ. Imagine how many more people might see us, be drawn to visit and find Jesus.

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Floor Plan

Play the videos below to hear more about the vision from RMCC members


Making Your Commitment

We're asking for each of you who call RMCC home to seek God for His direction, and to search your heart before making a two-year financial commitment toward this ministry expansion effort. If we are to reach our challenge goal, it requires the generous and sacrificial giving of all of us. As each of us gives generously and sacrificially, our gifts, when taken together, will make this new building a reality.

As you pray about this journey know that some may feel called to give up that new coat, postpone a boat purchase, or delay in getting a bigger house. For others it may be simpler.

What are the steps in making this commitment? First, it is important that all of us make this effort a matter of prayer. Investments we make toward this campaign are an investment in eternity. Let's ask God for His leading in our decision-making process. Second, remember that commitments to our Extend the Reach campaign are over and above our current giving to the church and are for a two-year period. We must continue to support the ongoing ministry of RMCC even as we finance the new facility. Third, when you receive it, please complete the commitment card and return it by mail, or place it in the offering within thirty days, if possible.

Ways to Give

The ministry campaign is about making investments in eternity; investments that will help people come to know Christ personally and grow into fully devoted followers. As the Apostle Paul said, when we make such eternal investments we lay up treasures for ourselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that we may take hold of the life that is truly life (1 Timothy 6:19).

Cash gifts may be made from savings or from current income; online payment options will be established as well.

Gifts of Stock may be made to the campaign. This is often a desirable way to give, particularly in markets which have caused significant growth of investment. By giving a gift of stock, the giver avoids all capital gains taxes on the investment growth and is eligible for a tax deduction equal to the full current amount of the stock gift (actual value of gift is equal to the mean of the high and low stock price on the day of transaction).

Gift of Property such as land or rental property can be made to this campaign. By giving a gift of property, the giver will generally avoid capital gains taxes and will be eligible for the full current value of the gift.

Paid Up Whole Life Insurance Policies can be given to the ministry campaign.

Mutual Fund Shares can be transferred to the church avoiding capital gains and allowing for the full current value of the gift.

Other:  All of us might consider what God might have us give up for a season, for the sake of the Kingdom. For example, sacrificing your one latte per day ($5) would free up $5,475 over three years that could be contributed to Extend the Reach. You decide with the Lord what He might have you do for the sake of the Kingdom.  

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Ephesians 3:20-21

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen


  • 7/10/17 July 2017

    Our first step

    For nearly a decade our Rancho Murieta Community Church family has considered building our first-ever church home. The vision is to provide enhanced space for our growing church family to worship, and a welcoming place to encourage others throughout our region to know and celebrate Jesus.

    Read the entire letter

  • 8/20/17 August 2017

    Kickoff Sunday

    The Extend the Reach Campaign launched on Sunday, August 20, 2017 representing the first day of a new chapter for our church! A beautiful summer morning welcomed attendees as they trekked up the golden-grass to a huge white tent behind Cosumnes River Elementary School. Sunflowers, shade and rustic white pews and chairs greeted guests to spectacular views of the river and vineyards in the distance, and to the land of the future home of Rancho Murieta Community Church.

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    Pastor Aaron Cook and fellow musicians engaged the crowd of three hundred plus in a time of worship before Pastor Matt Steen led us in prayer. Pastor Ron Mitchell shared the vision and emphasized that now is the time; we MUST come together to Extend the Reach of our members to those in the greater community. “The true wealth of any church is not measured by dollars and real estate holdings, but by the number of wounded being healed and transformed by the grace of the living Christ.” -Ron Mitchell

    RMCC member, Kathleen Jones, passionately shared the impact RMCC and its people have had on her life, and her enthusiasm to reach many more. Pastor Ron then invited guests to tour and pray over of the roughly painted layout of the structure that has been, over many years, prayerfully designed to fulfill the vision laid out before RMCC. Prayer commitment cards were available along with bookmarks to remind us all that we must be united in prayer, vision and commitment.

    As the service came to an end, guests enthusiastically held hands and prayed over our debt-free land and the opportunity to Extend the Reach of our current members to the tens of thousands in our region who have little or no faith affiliation. Positive energy and Christ’s blessing was palpable to most who left feeling a new bond amongst us—God’s hands and feet—as we launch into building a legacy for Him.

    “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:14-16.

    P.S. For those of you concerned, the barn down by the goats is staying and, in fact, was being “shored up” during our service!

    Photo courtesy of Michelle Ravencroft.

  • Sept 2017

    Letter from Pastor Ron

    On August 20th we officially launched the Extend the Reach campaign. That morning we kicked-off a season of preparation: preparation for a building project, preparation to move into a new church home, and preparation for a season of Kingdom impact unlike RMCC has ever experienced. As we lean into this season of preparation, the campaign leadership committee, governing board, and church staff are working hard to keep our congregation informed about the process and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this exciting season.

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  • 9/12/17 October 2017

    Vision 2018

    After purchasing 23 acres debt-free, we now aspire to build a church on the corner of Jackson Highway and Dillard Road to be a light as stated in Matthew 5:14-16. The Bible calls us to love and welcome everyone. Currently we don’t have the capacity to accommodate everyone, especially on Christmas and Easter. The building design of our first-ever permanent church home includes a sanctuary, fellowship hall, students’/kids’ meeting rooms, special prayer areas, and more for worship and special events.

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  • 10/12/17 Oct - Nov 2017

    35 Days of Prayer

  • 10/12/17 October 2017

    Letter from Pastor Ron

    Dear RMCC Church Family, As a pastor, there are few things more exciting than to see the congregation you serve coming together to support the work God has set before us. Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to spend time speaking with so many of you about the season that we are in as a church and where God is calling us to go. Thank you for your willingness to embrace our vision to Extend the Reach of Rancho Murieta Community Church, it is a joy to be on this journey with you!

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  • 11/5/17 Nov 2017
  • 11/10/17 November 2017

    Letter from Pastor Ron

    Dear RMCC Church family,

    “Following God is a venture into unknown places that are full of tests and trials. And deeply satisfying rewards. So grab an oar and let’s row the boat together.” That was the focus of this past Sunday as we met for one combined service in the auditorium at CRES. Our gathering was full of encouragement and faith. Did you see all those smiling faces, warm hugs, and helping hands and feet? Even now as I write this, I am filled with gratitude for the BIG attitude of service that was on display. I am both honored and glad to be your pastor.

    Read more

    Those of you who were with us on Sunday heard me share about why this is such a BIG season for us. I am convinced, just as David Livingston was, that our calling is what compels us to Extend the Reach. I am equally convinced that for us to do what we have dreamed of doing, we must build this building.

    We now have an opportunity to do something extraordinary. Something that will have an impact for generations. Something that will reach widely into surrounding communities. I believe that is what makes this season BIG in the life of our church. That is why I am asking, no, urging you, to grab an oar and paddle with us. (For context, please visit our website and listen to the first 5 minutes of last Sunday’s message.)

    The church site we envision for our future will have dedicated space for more children, more students, and more adults. A sanctuary where we will gather to worship God and grow in our relationship with Him. A community/fellowship hall that will serve multiple ministries. And what about those views on top of the hill? On Sunday, I mentioned the cost of this project is $10.5 million. Through the generosity of this congregation in a previous building campaign and commitments made before the Extend the Reach campaign we currently have $4.9 million of that amount raised. Now our goal is to raise $3.6 million for this church building that will serve generations.

    You now have the opportunity to grab an oar and paddle with us. Will you consider asking God how He might lead you in giving to Extend the Reach? I shared with you on Sunday how Elaine and I discerned God’s leading us to give to this project and am praying God will clearly lead you in your response.

    I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in one of the services as we think about the rewards of following after God. The Lord bless and keep you by His mighty power.

    Most sincerely,
    Pastor Ron Mitchell

  • Dec 2017

    Letter from Pastor Ron

    As the Advent season begins, I can’t help but be reminded of why it is so important to Extend the Reach of RMCC. This time of year is one of hope, love, joy, and peace, yet so many of our friends and neighbors are unaware of how Christ invites us to fully experience these central themes. This is why I am so excited about our commitment to the new season of ministry that God has called us to on our new property.

    Read more  

  • March 2018

    Prayer Walk

    We want to invite you to a prayer walk every Monday at 4:00pm at the new property. Those of you who wish to not walk, can meet at the cross on the site. Prayer walks will be canceled if it rains. If you cannot attend the prayer walk, please pray for:

    • God's Light on this Hill
    • The plans being processed with the county
    • Seeing God's glory through this process
    • Open hearts, eyes, and ears

    See you at the new site Monday at 4:00pm!

  • November 2018

    Letter From Pastor Ron

    This past Sunday I announced some very important updates to our Extend the Reach vision. If you were not able to be with us to hear the news, I wanted to provide it for you here in this letter. Please, take a few moments to read this letter in its entirety.

    Read the entire letter

Frequently Asked Questions

During our campaign people are likely to have questions. The following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a work in progress. As questions come in, answers are being provided so that we can have a consistent message for people in our RMCC family.

Click on the questions below for answers.

On the contact page please email any specific questions, or simply ask for more information. We encourage you to participate and ask questions! Perhaps request to be included on the prayer team. We'd love to have your support as this vision becomes a reality!

The initial estimated cost of the current building retrofit is $4M. As of December, 2018, $2.6M is earning interest in our Building Fund. Earlier Extend the Reach pledges, combined with anticipated new pledges will result in the realization of this vision. Your participation in Extend the Reach will allow RMCC to serve more people and welcome more people into our gatherings; the first steps in helping others know Jesus. Your generosity will help us do all this without debt.

Seventy thousand people live within ten miles of our new property. Of these, only half are connected to a local church. We are convinced that with the growth this area is experiencing, we are uniquely positioned to serve the communities around us for generations to come. In addition, our current facility is often at capacity (especially on holidays).

Yes, we will be regularly updating campaign participants on their progress towards their commitment.

Your financial commitment to the Capital Campaign is really between you and the Holy Spirit. Praise God if your salary goes up! There is no way of knowing what each individual or family’s circumstances will be in the coming years. What is most important is that we each trust God. He has something special in mind for each of us. It may mean that you are able to give more than you expected or it may mean that giving is not appropriate due to job lost or other financial crisis.

Your financial commitment and contributions to the campaign will be maintained with the utmost confidentiality. At no time is giving ever a matter of public record.

  • Kelly Harris—Co-Chair
  • Jarvio Grevious—Co-Chair
  • Liz Abess—Communications
  • Cindy Aiston—Communications
  • Missy Paxin—Special Events
  • John Boyd—Advance Commitment
  • Donna Boyd—Advance Commitment
  • Jay Harris—Building Committee
  • Pastor Ron Mitchell—Vision
  • Elaine Mitchell—Special Ambassador
  • John Boyd
  • Jay Harris
  • Tammy Rayfield

Please give in whatever way is most convenient for you. For budgeting and planning purposes we’re asking everyone to first complete a Commitment Card and turn it in to the church. Following that, feel free to write a check(s) and bring or mail them to church, or utilize our Online Giving page. (The software has a maximum; please call the church if you encounter any difficulty.) If you have another preference, please don’t hesitate to call the church office at (916) 354-0401 to discuss or email via the Contacts page.

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Kelly Harris at 916-284-9700 or Jarvio Grevious at 916-990-8455 or email .

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